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All About Hari! (Just in case you missed it)

This is a #BeatByXayLi Post that I transferred from one of my older Blogs!! Loved this Experience. You can book a #BeatByXayLi makeover photo shoot with me by emailing me at byxayli@gmail.com ! This one was done Approximately a year ago! Enjoy!!

Who is this Mysterious Gem?


Hari Marie was Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She was brought up by two of the most inspiring people, her parents both hailing from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago . She most definitely had an interesting upbringing. Her mother, a very intelligent, beautiful, and independent woman, always taught her to utilize her creativity and never settle for less. Her father, the first entrepreneur in her family taught her organization and conviction.

Like most, she found her true career passion during her college years. Although she was majoring in economics her interests were almost always taken up by her extra curricular affairs.

Her cousin who is one of biggest female promoters in the Caribbean, NY community needed assistance in executing her events, and this is when Hari found her true calling. She was almost always needed in major decisions and her opinions were most appreciated. That was the time Hari decided that event planning is not only something she was naturally great at, but something she would absolutely love to do.

With her parents guidance and encouragement she graduated St Francis College with a BA in Economics and a minor in Finance. Following in her fathers footsteps, She would like to some day start her own Event Planning company; producing weddings, corporate events and more.

True Story:

I began by shooting some before pictures of Hari, where her innocence is really very evident. (she is such a sweet girl).


45 minutes later She was #beatbyxayli and her innocent smile was replaced with a seductive snare. (She even stuck her tongue out at us. LOL)


We spent a few minutes putting her clothing together and finally I was able to fine tune her entire outfit and prep her for shooting. We climbed up to the roof in the dark 45 degree NYC weather and captured some dope shots up there.



We got some awesome shots! I’m no professional photographer but we had lots of fun!

(I kept this photo especially because it shows how deep of a person Hari is.. I see her face three different times in this photo. Can you?)




We even got back into the house and shot a few white wall portraits.



We switched outfits and had some lobby fun too!!




All in all I had so much fun transforming this LondonGyal it was unbelievable. She was truly a gem throughout the entire process….


From beginning to end!!


You can find Hari Marie in the background and sometimes forefront, assisting with the planning of many NYC Caribbean Events (she is a very hard worker). But you can also find her as @Hari Marie on Instagram and Twitter!!

Hari Marie is definitely #LondonGal approved!



These are my Erykah Badu Earwings by BabaG!! I’ve been getting so many questions about these earrings, so I decided to do a post on them of course.

These earrings are totally sturdy and comfortable. They are well crafted and can last a very long while if handled with care. They are not heavy and are very unique!! I first came about these earrings like everyone else may have, on the lovely Erykah Badu (love her). And I absolutely had to have them. Fast forward to now, while perusing online I saw them again and the flame of love was reignited! After a tedious search, I was finally able to find them on www.richgirlscloset.com (lovee richgirlscloset tooo!!)




They came quickly and in no time I was getting compliments like crazy. Go get yours!!


XayLi Barclay, Eyebrow Guru!

What are eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the area of delicate hairs above one’s eyes. They follow the shape of the lower region of the brow bone and their main function is to prevent debris from getting into one’s eye socket. They are however very important in facial expression and communication and have also lately become a prime part of the beauty regime.


Brows to me are the most important aspect of one’s appearance. They’re an experience. For some reason, if my brows are done all else is well (even if all else is not well lol).

One of my absolute pet peeves is to see a woman with eyebrows that are not properly manicured. Or even none existent!!!!!


See how important they actually are!!!!

A perfect brow to me follows the key points of lineage where the eyes are concerned. So that impeccable arch can be produced. Eyebrows are extremely important!! And should not be played around with. Every woman should make sure that her brows are always properly well maintained and always neatly done to fit her face.

I’ve been doing eyebrows since the age of 15 when I began doing my own eyebrows just to be cool in high school. As an artist, i consider them to be the most important part of my makeup. They frame the face and they also create the illusion of completion.


Eyebrows are my everything! That’s the reason they call me the Brow Guru ;).

I’ll be sure to post some pictures of Brows I modified in the future ;)


Residential Rant!!

So.. I’ve been on the apartment search in NYC for quite a bit and it has been a roller coaster ride. A Horrible one at that! The Real estate agents are thee absolute worse! (i guess that what I get for using craigslist!) It’s like they are finding out the information about the apartment at the  same time you are.. A lot of them are very unorganized, not punctual and being that the weather is so humid, it makes everything that much worse!! Lord Knows!! Today I went to see a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment, (I know it’s only me but I insist on having an in home design studio) and the agent was late, anddd she didn’t know all of the specifics! :( I basically left work early for no reason because It turned out to be one of those apartments where you have to make a certain amount and I made wayy to much just by myself :(. She found this out the same time I did and all she had to say was O Sorry. O well sighhhh the search continues…



Terminal 5

I almost melted last night @ Terminal 5. Oh Frank!! *sigh*

Frank Ocean’s Concert at Terminal 5 in NYC last night was absolutely epic and amazingly incredible. He was so real and his vocals were as if you were playing his records on a radio, which I truly appreciated.


He created a beautiful list of songs from both albums, Channel O and Nostalgia Ultra. He obviously chose songs that meant a lot to him for his performance pieces. I was lucky enough to be able to record a few of my favorite performances.

The venue was perfect. The crowd was extremely thick but you felt the LOVE. It was impossible not to. The likes of Solange Knowles and Elle Varner were also present.

I came home feeling thoroughly INSPIRED. #Ofrankie

I also found out more about my connection with the Color Orange.

I found this explanation while researching the reason for Frank Ocean naming his album Channel Orange.


I love this because I have the word LIBERATION tattooed on the inside of my wrist.

It was done in that direction so that I could always read it and refresh my reason for the goals I do have in life; To be liberated from every type of suppression possible.

What’s your fav color? What does it mean to you? And Why? #foodforthought