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Sometimes in life events do not occur exactly as we may want them to, or in the time frame that we may prefer.

Sometimes we over analyze things and worry ourselves to death about things that we cannot control.

Sometimes we feel like the support system that we need isn’t present in our lives.

And then Sometimes we feel like our tears go in vain.

Lately I’ve gotten tired of the “keep your head up” and the “keep on pushing” or even the “nothing happens before its time”.

But in the end of it all you realize that YOU are your own support system at all times. Only you can cause yourself to fail. YOUR efforts will shape your life and all that you achieve. YOUR destiny depends on you only along with your ability to push on and appreciate your own life. YOU Have the ability to utilize all of the opportunities that you are given in life. Whether they may be positive or negative. WORK hard towards all of the benefits you would like to reap in the long and short run. Be positive, upbeat and focus intently on the good more than you do the bad.

In other words, when life gives you lemons, Make sure YOU find a way to make Cotton Candy.


Fitness X01

Yesterday I came to the sudden realization that summer quickly approaching! Gotta get my sexy on!
So I amped up my daily steps on my ipod nano (which also serves as a watch and a pedometer!)

This was a really good Day! Made over 21000 steps! You should always aim for over 10,000.


I bought a wonderful watchband from Lunatik that houses the nano so that its a fashionable timepiece and is also able to very accurately count all of the steps that i have made each day.


I also hurried and signed up for Weight Watchers so that id be better able to monitor what I’m eating on the daily. I got a three month subscription for $67.00 (I think) and I’m on my Way!!! (there are also free alternatives like Lose It, they also have an application for phones) Especially since there always seems to be a birthday party every freaking day in my office!! Gosh!! So now that I’m monitoring my food intake on my iPhone I wouldn’t be tempted to indulge.


Whoooo hooooooo!! This is going to be an awesome summer!!

Here are also some inspirational quotes I got from Women’s Unlimited!! Get with it!! Its never to late to start!!



P.S will be posting pics soon!