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A snippet of my World.

So I recently got an email (yes I get the weirdest questions) asking what my residential surroundings look like. I must admit that at first I was freaked out. But then I took the idea and turned it into a photography project! Lol.

Dead Roses..


Up close!


Candles! But no wind.


The White Room


Lights, Camera, Flowers again..


I’m not a pro just yet but I try!

I’ll def do another post where I’ll get a little more personal. :)

And shout out to my moms decorating skills also!!


XayLi Barclay, Eyebrow Guru!

What are eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the area of delicate hairs above one’s eyes. They follow the shape of the lower region of the brow bone and their main function is to prevent debris from getting into one’s eye socket. They are however very important in facial expression and communication and have also lately become a prime part of the beauty regime.


Brows to me are the most important aspect of one’s appearance. They’re an experience. For some reason, if my brows are done all else is well (even if all else is not well lol).

One of my absolute pet peeves is to see a woman with eyebrows that are not properly manicured. Or even none existent!!!!!


See how important they actually are!!!!

A perfect brow to me follows the key points of lineage where the eyes are concerned. So that impeccable arch can be produced. Eyebrows are extremely important!! And should not be played around with. Every woman should make sure that her brows are always properly well maintained and always neatly done to fit her face.

I’ve been doing eyebrows since the age of 15 when I began doing my own eyebrows just to be cool in high school. As an artist, i consider them to be the most important part of my makeup. They frame the face and they also create the illusion of completion.


Eyebrows are my everything! That’s the reason they call me the Brow Guru ;).

I’ll be sure to post some pictures of Brows I modified in the future ;)


Thelma’s Flo

For my birthday this year, in true creative form I did a photo shoot for my Designed ByXayLi 2012 collection!! These photos will be released in a separate publication.

However i’d like to share the process of my Shoot along with a few sneak peeks in this post!!

I began designing and sewing because I hated going places and seeing other people in the same clothing. And I also have a love for creating funky pieces. I began as an accessory designer and graduated to garments soon after!
After wearing my own creations while being out and about I began to get orders for custom designs.


Me in one of my creations! :)

On March 28th to celebrate my everlasting youth I did a shoot!!
My amazing boyfriend who Supports me 100% in everything I do (and I do almost everything) lol Decided along with his brother To help me put this event together.

My excitement could not be contained. My amazing Photographer TommyT is one to be very aware of. His passion for photography is clearly portrayed in his work. He was able to give me some amazing shots!! I couldn’t have worked with anyone else.

My childhood Love Adana and I were the hair makeup and wardrobe stylists and everything was put together just as I wanted it.

Styling for the Shoot!


Hard at work on Set!!


The people I needed around me the most for this flower to unfold were right by my side!! Sean Hutch alongside Trey were the best directors one could have asked for. And everyone needs someone like Billy on their set!! Billy was transporting girls left and right with his 6 foot 7 inches bodyguard built. The models were also absolutely amazing. And Hari Marie Slayed it all!


Everything went So well and I put an outfit on Pose and ended up w a buch of likes in less than two hrs!!

Sneak Peek Collage!!


You can also see some of my work on The Network Fam with Cacha Lopez’s amazing photography and Pen’s very versatile styling!!

Stay tuned for so much more guys. This is really just a scratch on the surface!!