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ORS Hair Repair Invigorating Shampoo!

Hey guys!!!! Lets Talk hair again! Every now and then my hair gets too accustomed to whatever I’m using and I have to switch up my hair regime. Last week this inspired a trip to my local CVS so that I could switch back to my favorite shampoo, which is ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo.

No matter what happens I always go back to this shampoo. I love the smell, the creamy texture, and the way my hair feels long after the wash. I guess the creamy aloe aspect of this mixture really works!! At CVS however, much to my dismay they were completely out. My next choice was to try the ORS Hair Repair Invigorating Shampoo. I was a bit skeptical about trying it out and even contemplated waiting until I was able to get my Aloe Shampoo from somewhere else. But! I took that leap of faith and bought it and I was glad I did!

Photo Jun 10, 7 21 36 PM

This Shampoo has the same consistency as my creamy aloe love, but it has mint infused into it!!! Heaven! The tingle is so sensational. And one of the real perks about this shampoo is that its Sulphate free. Sulphate Free Shampoo does not irritate the scalp. You can find more info about it HERE

The lather is amazing also! My hair is absolutely loving this shampoo! Might be my new fav! Thanks ORS!


Figure X

Figure X is an LG Style collaboration with XayLi Barclay for women. It will be available via WWW.LGSTYLEONLINE.COM and will be released sooner than you may think. (Release dates will be announced shortly, so stay tuned) This endeavor is focused on alignment of one’s core. It is an effort to assist in defining one’s self and finding that centered balance of everything in a woman’s life. Figure X is all about Quality and Confidence! Figure X is Alll about YOU!!!!


All About Hari! (Just in case you missed it)

This is a #BeatByXayLi Post that I transferred from one of my older Blogs!! Loved this Experience. You can book a #BeatByXayLi makeover photo shoot with me by emailing me at byxayli@gmail.com ! This one was done Approximately a year ago! Enjoy!!

Who is this Mysterious Gem?


Hari Marie was Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She was brought up by two of the most inspiring people, her parents both hailing from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago . She most definitely had an interesting upbringing. Her mother, a very intelligent, beautiful, and independent woman, always taught her to utilize her creativity and never settle for less. Her father, the first entrepreneur in her family taught her organization and conviction.

Like most, she found her true career passion during her college years. Although she was majoring in economics her interests were almost always taken up by her extra curricular affairs.

Her cousin who is one of biggest female promoters in the Caribbean, NY community needed assistance in executing her events, and this is when Hari found her true calling. She was almost always needed in major decisions and her opinions were most appreciated. That was the time Hari decided that event planning is not only something she was naturally great at, but something she would absolutely love to do.

With her parents guidance and encouragement she graduated St Francis College with a BA in Economics and a minor in Finance. Following in her fathers footsteps, She would like to some day start her own Event Planning company; producing weddings, corporate events and more.

True Story:

I began by shooting some before pictures of Hari, where her innocence is really very evident. (she is such a sweet girl).


45 minutes later She was #beatbyxayli and her innocent smile was replaced with a seductive snare. (She even stuck her tongue out at us. LOL)


We spent a few minutes putting her clothing together and finally I was able to fine tune her entire outfit and prep her for shooting. We climbed up to the roof in the dark 45 degree NYC weather and captured some dope shots up there.



We got some awesome shots! I’m no professional photographer but we had lots of fun!

(I kept this photo especially because it shows how deep of a person Hari is.. I see her face three different times in this photo. Can you?)




We even got back into the house and shot a few white wall portraits.



We switched outfits and had some lobby fun too!!




All in all I had so much fun transforming this LondonGyal it was unbelievable. She was truly a gem throughout the entire process….


From beginning to end!!


You can find Hari Marie in the background and sometimes forefront, assisting with the planning of many NYC Caribbean Events (she is a very hard worker). But you can also find her as @Hari Marie on Instagram and Twitter!!

Hari Marie is definitely #LondonGal approved!


Nike Fuel Band is the Band to make Xay Dance!

I Finally got my Nike Fuel Band!! I’m so excited. I used it yesterday for the first time and It was an amazing experience. It encouraged me to be more active to ensure that I met my goal of 3000 Nike Fuel points (which are Nikes own measurement of the users activity). The band looks very neat and comes in different sizes. I got the black band because I love black! (duh). The set up is easy as long as you follow the instructions and battery lasts long and does not take too much time to charge.


The thing I love most about the Fuel Band is that is can be updated Via the Nike Fuelband iphone application! So you can see your progress throughout the day. The Fuel Band has to be connected via bluetooth on the iphone. This definitely kept me motivated throughout the day in my journey to be more active and FIT.  And hitting my Goal was def the highlight of my day!


Here the App shows my calories burnt, my steps taken and my daily average. The numbers in the middle are My Nike Fuel points. You are able to manually set your goals, and since I sit at a desk all day, I try my best to be active in the mornings, at lunch and after work. Yesterday however, I was encouraged to do an extra workout just so that I would exceed my personal goal of 3000 Fuel Points. As time goes I am going to continue trying to beat my own goals, and thats the exciting part for me!! (yes, I am my own competition :))


This is a graph explaining my activity, also part of the Fuel Band application. Here you can see that I had certain active spikes during the day, my goal can also be something as simple as focusing on creating more sporadic activity spikes on my chart.


This is an actual picture of when I achieved my set goal on the Fuel Band itself! (can you picture the excitement though!!!) LoL.


All in all,  many folks argue about the ability of the band itself to measure correctly certain activites such as steps, miles, calories etc. Personally I am more concerned about the Goal oriented aspect of the band. It allows me, using its own accuracy, to push myself more and more as time progresses. This is my motivation or how I intend to use my Nike Fuel Band.

I have been using pedometers for years to track my activity. My goal for maintaining or being healthy would always be 10,000 steps. Sadly,  I was not discplined enough to raise the bar. With so many measurements at my disposal in one little gadget on my wrist, I am able to use either the goal of exceeding my fuel points or calories burnt, which may in turn help me exceed my goals of more steps. Works for me! O this nifty little gadget is also a watch!

Enjoy! And always remember that reaching the smallest of goals can help you achieve even bigger ones :)




These are my Erykah Badu Earwings by BabaG!! I’ve been getting so many questions about these earrings, so I decided to do a post on them of course.

These earrings are totally sturdy and comfortable. They are well crafted and can last a very long while if handled with care. They are not heavy and are very unique!! I first came about these earrings like everyone else may have, on the lovely Erykah Badu (love her). And I absolutely had to have them. Fast forward to now, while perusing online I saw them again and the flame of love was reignited! After a tedious search, I was finally able to find them on www.richgirlscloset.com (lovee richgirlscloset tooo!!)




They came quickly and in no time I was getting compliments like crazy. Go get yours!!


MUA Train Cases

Lately, while building my professional MUA kit. I’ve been on the hunt for the best, most economically efficient train case. I’ve seen so many but at the end of my search I always end up disgruntled and confused. :(.

amazon has been somewhat helpful because most of the companies that are selling cases also have a shopping space delegated to specifically them on Amazon.

I was able to find a few that I was interested in. But I’d have to seek advice from my makeup Guru Hawa (who needs entire other post).

I found the soft Seya Train case, which I loved because it has a stylish finish!


And I also found the Shany Aluminum case. Which caught me because of it’s amazing reviews!!


I am really a person that shops by reviews. And the Seya case has none :(. Hmmmm stay tuned for my decision. :)