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Katlynn Simone, Beautiful Lie

You know I’m always finding new cool artists that I absolutely have to share with you guys! I always leave them in the Music Category of the blog. But here’s this new awesome artist Katlynn Simone. I heard this song on “The Game” and I just had to research it and find it! I am so in love with this song Beautiful Lie!

Let me know what you think about it. Rock on.


I’m in LOVE with Elli Ingram: Poetic Justice

I’ve been meaning to post this forever now! Have you guys heard of Elli Ingram? Yes! I’ve been totally obsessed with her for a while now. She is extremely talented and she is such a beautiful soul even when she isn’t using her God given Gift of a voice. I also loove her fashion sense! or who ever is styling her is doing a superb job! You know I love me some vintage prints, and pieces. :)

Here, she covers one of my absolute favorites, Kendrick Lamar feat. Drake “Poetic Justice”. Which was created from a sample of Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace”. Elli nails it clearly, and creates and entirely new, soulful, sultry, sexy depth to this song. And the video itself pulls you in. In love with this! As usual, Email me! XayLi@byxayli.com and let me know what you guys think!!!

You can check her out at www.elliingram.com

Loving her new single tooo! Oh Elli… <3


Mussels and MUHSINAH!

Sooo the other night I attended the most amazing dinner party performance with two of my lovelies Will and Phiona!! (whose outfit deserves an entirely different post, because darling! she gave me life) We had such a blast!


It was in the Villiage at this dimly lit venue called Affaire. They had an open bar, where i lovingly splurged on Gin and juice, (mmmmmmm) and we had dinner. They had these awesomely delightful mussels!! In different flavors which were One of the highlights of my night, because i obviously love to eat!. The flavors were Parmesan and marinara, white wine, and Curry! Yumm. Well seasoned, well prepared, yessss! Pure mussely perfection.


The performance was by Grammy nominated, urban/suburban artist Muhsinah! (thanks William now i’m just addicted) I just cant have enough of her sound!
Her music literally transports you to another place…

It was as if we were in a sound chamber, in awe of some musical alien ruler, because her entire performance was so captivatingly trance like that she even wondered if she was playing in the “chamber” alone. Her voice….O so Breathtakingly beautiful. She performed a cover of Scatterbrain by Radiohead, Use somebody by Kings of Leon, and a few songs off of her addictive Gone EP. Seeing her live was so inspiring! Sigh.. I just love Art! Her fingers were making love to the piano, her voice wrapped around that love and Billy was surely engrossed in singing backup!! (Which he was extremely proud of) Lol.

She was also very sweet and interactive. You know… One of those artists that genuinely cares about their fans. She actually spent time with us and took a few pics.
More can be read about her at Muhsinah.com, Her Gone EP can also be downloaded there for free!
Freakishly Awesome Event!
Can’t wait to see her perform again! And I am also excited to see how she grows as an artist!


Preview One, My Fav Song off of the Gone EP! I totally want to relate one day! ;)

Xove Xay