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All About Hari! (Just in case you missed it)

This is a #BeatByXayLi Post that I transferred from one of my older Blogs!! Loved this Experience. You can book a #BeatByXayLi makeover photo shoot with me by emailing me at byxayli@gmail.com ! This one was done Approximately a year ago! Enjoy!!

Who is this Mysterious Gem?


Hari Marie was Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She was brought up by two of the most inspiring people, her parents both hailing from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago . She most definitely had an interesting upbringing. Her mother, a very intelligent, beautiful, and independent woman, always taught her to utilize her creativity and never settle for less. Her father, the first entrepreneur in her family taught her organization and conviction.

Like most, she found her true career passion during her college years. Although she was majoring in economics her interests were almost always taken up by her extra curricular affairs.

Her cousin who is one of biggest female promoters in the Caribbean, NY community needed assistance in executing her events, and this is when Hari found her true calling. She was almost always needed in major decisions and her opinions were most appreciated. That was the time Hari decided that event planning is not only something she was naturally great at, but something she would absolutely love to do.

With her parents guidance and encouragement she graduated St Francis College with a BA in Economics and a minor in Finance. Following in her fathers footsteps, She would like to some day start her own Event Planning company; producing weddings, corporate events and more.

True Story:

I began by shooting some before pictures of Hari, where her innocence is really very evident. (she is such a sweet girl).


45 minutes later She was #beatbyxayli and her innocent smile was replaced with a seductive snare. (She even stuck her tongue out at us. LOL)


We spent a few minutes putting her clothing together and finally I was able to fine tune her entire outfit and prep her for shooting. We climbed up to the roof in the dark 45 degree NYC weather and captured some dope shots up there.



We got some awesome shots! I’m no professional photographer but we had lots of fun!

(I kept this photo especially because it shows how deep of a person Hari is.. I see her face three different times in this photo. Can you?)




We even got back into the house and shot a few white wall portraits.



We switched outfits and had some lobby fun too!!




All in all I had so much fun transforming this LondonGyal it was unbelievable. She was truly a gem throughout the entire process….


From beginning to end!!


You can find Hari Marie in the background and sometimes forefront, assisting with the planning of many NYC Caribbean Events (she is a very hard worker). But you can also find her as @Hari Marie on Instagram and Twitter!!

Hari Marie is definitely #LondonGal approved!


Styled By X. (Ray)

If you know me, you know that I am hardly ever on FaceBook, and that sometimes I am so busy that I can be the hardest person in the world to contact at times. Luckily a few nights ago I was up at around 4 am, going through my crazy email inbox and I saw that one of my classmates from all the way in Trinidad was inboxing me about getting a photo shoot done. I was instantly excited! She had seen a previous Makeover Shoot that I had posted and wanted to get one done herself!

I immediately got to work trying to fit her into my schedule, especially since she would only be in the US for a few days. I began creating and prepping her outfit and such being that we also had limited time to shoot.I love creating original stuff as we all know, so I wanted to make sure that the majority of her outfit was Designed By ME! XayLi! I had her figured out on my mannequin (whose name is Hillary btw) before she even got here.

Isn’t she a doll? Meet Rachel. Here I have provided a before picture (left) and after picture (right) of her getting pampered by me. I provided black and white photographs so that your vision would not be hindered by the colors in each photo. Just true beauty.

After fixing her a lovely cocktail, she began to relax and I was able to carefully whizz through doing her makeup, hair and getting her into her outfit. Seeing someone this excited about how different they look when I have completed their styling is one of the greatest joys that I get from doing what I do. I love inspiring women, and capturing the moment of creating a comfortable and confident individual. (I’m not a professional photographer *im working at it though*, but that moment is so precious.. that not catching it would be a sin).

We had fun shooting for a while. My how time flew!

I had so much fun introducing her to the other side of herself.

She even really started modeling! I absolutely loved it!

Although we were pressed for time we decided to switch up her outfit a bit. This outfit was created By Me also. I had fun creating this hand painted, studded skirt. (items like these can be purchased by sending me an email also at lgstyleonline@gmail.com)




I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot! I hope she did also!

If you are interested in being #BeatByXayli you can email me at ByXayLi@gmail.com for affordably priced packages. See some of you guys soon!


LG Style Ish!

I’m always hunting for fashion as I am the buyer and creative director as well as Co Owner of LGStyleOnline.com. If you are a reader over here on ByXayLi you have the pleasure of being updated about my journey to being a young successful black woman.

The Online Custom and Vintage Boutique contains cool, sometimes Customized (by either designer, my partner or myself) stylish items to amp up any outfit. These items are either designed, chosen, or altered very carefully. I take pride in what we carry in the store as it is also a representation of my own style.

Our most recent accessory are LG custom Military headdress. I am extremely excited about this, it’s something that I have wanted to do forever! I had to take a few head shots recently for marketing and these were the results!





Fun stuff!! I do manage the Everything “LG” blog on that site also, and I’m always updating the store with new items. So stop over and keep abreast of sales, giveaways and such!

Thanks guys!
Xove Always,

Epic Nightx

My Tuesday night started off rather quietly. Billy picked me up from work and we were off!! My Clique decided that we were going to have the night of our lives and we did!! Minus Hari Marie that is. (major shade and side eyes)

It all started after we left Melt. (a cute restaurant in park slope) and it got Turnt Up when we got to Xombie Bar. On my fav Smith Street Strip in Brooklyn of course.

The bartender kept making these dope shots… Mmmmmm


And lighting them on fire!!


Epic Night!!! S.Hutch and I were on the prowl for laughs and Billy, Price Simon and Bianca Lu were getting more wasted than usual which provided even more laughs for us.

Aren’t we just Gorg. Supa Fly Kidx ;)


By the time we were Halfway through the night, I’m sure everyone was seeing me double. Lol!


I be representin’ though ;)


Lots of love from me to you!!! Do you see a heart? <3


There goes Price’s hands again. He always manages to get into my pictures somehow!!


All in all I had a great night.


What’s next guys?!?


XayLi Fit, FuelBand (Week 1)

Whooo!! This feels soo Good!! I promised you guys a journey! So here it is! Working out definitely makes a person more positive and upbeat! I feel sooo good today :). (Yes, totally cheesing while typing)

Wearing the band for the past week definitely increased my mindfulness about being active, therefore mentally ensuring that I made it possible to physically meet my goals everyday (I did take it easy over the weekend though) . It was awesome. I cannot wait to increase my goal amounts. And the entire Nike experience is so motivational. I just love seeing that little green man dance when I accomplish a goal that It makes me want to see him everyday. (Yes, that’s my little Fuel Band Boo) lol.


I’m beginning to have a strange obsession with Goals! (Thanks Nike, this obsession is def welcomed in all other aspects of my life ;) )

But, I’m totally in love with this band, I can’t say it enough. I mean the fact that you can even shower with it?!? Lol. Works for me. (Yes I’m a show girl in the shower. Xayonce if you please. :) )
I Just love the fact that the calculations of energy (Nike fuel) never stops, unless the band is removed, And the fact that I can sync it to my iPhone (yes Lord). How much more motivation can a girl ask for?!? Right?!?

Fit Xay :)

A snippet of my World.

So I recently got an email (yes I get the weirdest questions) asking what my residential surroundings look like. I must admit that at first I was freaked out. But then I took the idea and turned it into a photography project! Lol.

Dead Roses..


Up close!


Candles! But no wind.


The White Room


Lights, Camera, Flowers again..


I’m not a pro just yet but I try!

I’ll def do another post where I’ll get a little more personal. :)

And shout out to my moms decorating skills also!!


Pretty Peplum

Recently I had a client that was a bit curvy and she was concerned with concealing her mid section in her dinner outfit. This is where a peplum dress would save the day. This style of dress would maintain a stylish, sleek, sophisticated look with the illusion of not a trace of a pouchy stomach. I was able to find some very simple but effective examples at Topshop.

This Black dress would be perfect for the purpose, as black is known to be a slimming colour.


This colour blocked dress however is for the person that is not too worried about their midsection as the lighter colour on the dress may do the injustice of highlighting a pouch. (I absolutely love this dress)


Just for fun I also decided to find some shoes that would go with both dresses.

These shoes can be worn with the black dress.


These Black booties would be lovely with some opaque tights!!


Some minimalist Jewelry (diamonds are a girls best friend) would be perfect. And some Red lips!! Hair pulled back into a classy bun at the nape of the neck, and Don’t forget those smokey eyes!!


And this HeadBand which can be found at Nordstrom is to die for.

I can go on and on creating this look. But it’s wayy past my bedtime :(. Goodnight Folks.