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10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Hi Guys! hope all is well! I’m coming to you today with a much requested post! This is my version of a 10 minute makeup tutorial for probably a lunch date, or so. Today I put my lipstick on first! I usually do this last, but I did it just get this look done quickly for u guys. I used the ever so popular Ruby Woo, by MAC Cosmetics. (my face here already has primer and foundation applied) I use MAC Cosmetics Prep and Prime for face primer and my foundation today was MAC Cosmetics MatchMaster Foundation in 8.0.

My Ruby Woo!


I also used MAC Cosmetics select cover up concealer to cover up my dark circles under the eye area. For this I also used my foundation F60 brush by Sigma Beauty (my absolute fav line of brushes). I forgot to take a picture of this (please forgive me folks).


I carefully in quick strokes, took a bit of concealer on the brush and applied it to the under eye area.


Then thoroughly blended it into my skin.


When satisfied with my blending, Using my Sonia Kashuk powder brush, (please excuse my shoddy manicure. Lol)


And my NYC stay matte but not flat face powder I set my foundation and concealer. (I did not do heavy contouring for this look, that will however be discussed in another post)


When setting was finished this was the result!


Now for some quick highlighting!!
I used an angled brush,


And then I applied some of my absolute favorite bronzer, also by Sonia Kashuk!!


Then! Using the same brush I applied a contour using MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder in NW58 (which is approximately two shades darker than my skin tone) to give my face a subtle contour and warm up my look a bit.



This dewy look was my finished product.


I then used my fav Black Radiance Continuous Creme Liner,


And my MAC 266 angled liner brush,


And finished off my eyebrows and eyeliner!


Great! Last but not least, I look my face carefully to see if I have blended properly and applied my makeup neatly. (you don’t want to walk around with makeup that is a different color from your neck, or a hairline that is not properly blended either!)


So, make sure to retouch or blend anything you need to! Approve and Go!!


Thanks so much for your interest in this post Xuys! Remember also, you do not always have to use extremely expensive makeup. I don’t always use MAC and such, sometimes I do use pharmacy makeup. Where I would advise that you do spend money is on proper brushes. Proper brushes do make a great difference in makeup application (But thats another post!) Thanks Again!


Hair X!! I am your hair doctor!!

I love up do’s, although my hair is extremely heavy. But a comfy and cute up do is every dread girls dream! Especially mine!

So this is what I do!
Loc Bun’s my way!!



These can be found HERE

Painless beauty!! No small annoying hair pins irking my nerves!! The hooks on the bungee hair bands do not need to hook onto each other. I actually hook them onto my hair and this works great. It holds my hair perfectly since I pop scrunchies all the time :(. I hook one end onto a loc on my left side then pull it around to the opposite side and hook it onto a loc on my right side. If there are still loose locs underneath, I just take another bungee band and do the same thing underneath the ponytail. So secure, it beats trying to twist a hair band twice and breaking it just to get the perfect hold.

When this is done and I am satisfied with my ponytail, I then section off approx 10 locs together and twist them around themselves like a rope, wrap around ponytail and pin with the magic grip pins to create my bun! Continue in sections of 10 locs until all of your locs are magically pinned up into that bun. (Yes I know. I need a YouTube channel. This would be so much easier to show than to write right?!?). Never the less let me know if you guys try this!!


So of course I had a little photo fun!!


And people seem to be fans of my quirky faces. Lol.




Ok it’s a rap!!


Good night folks! Remember to let me know how these items work for you!


XayLi Barclay at the Barclay Center ;)

On Sunday, I attended the Atlantic Antic in Brooklyn, NYC. It was a great experience! Food, Fashion, and lots of Fun people! I have some awesome pictures that I haven’t took off of my camera just yet of my Mom, my Aunty Nat and I.
Here are a few i was able to salvage though! Please do enjoy!

This is my momma, yes she thinks she is soo Fly!! But thats where I got some of it from ;P


Here I am at the front of the newly opened Barclay Center in Brooklyn!! Yes a Barclay at The Barclay.


And i’m absolutely in Love with these oxblood Doc Martens that Ty got for me (YES, i have a mean Doc Marten obsession). Aren’t they absolutely awesome though?!? <3


Fun Fun Fun!
That was my Sunday in a Nutshell !


Thelmas Flowing Again!!!

Yesterday I took my time and updated my Carbonmade website!! Which is the portal that I use for my online portfolio.

As you know, I came up with the name Thelma’s Flo from both my Grandmothers’ first names (God bless them) they were both into garment making and designing. And influenced me as a child in such a great way, especially where fashion and style is concerned. Much love, thanks and respect to those two exceptionally great women. Thelma and Flo!!

You can take a look at my work at >;;>;;

Esteem Inc ByXayLi

I’ll be back in the Trap (my design studio) very soon again!! So stay tuned ;)


Trunks and Coils

Anytime I put my hair up in “Coils” people get a heart attack thinking I cut my hair off! *giggles*. This is a hilarious but totally useful prank that I love to play. It takes approximately an hour to get the 120 locs on my head into these coils. But the after effect is a most desirable one. I get waves and curls everywhere for at least three weeks!

I took a few pictures sporting my coils with some Elephant Trunk Earrings made ByXayLi (me). They were available last year, maybe I’ll bring them around again soon!! .