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Nike Fuel Band is the Band to make Xay Dance!

I Finally got my Nike Fuel Band!! I’m so excited. I used it yesterday for the first time and It was an amazing experience. It encouraged me to be more active to ensure that I met my goal of 3000 Nike Fuel points (which are Nikes own measurement of the users activity). The band looks very neat and comes in different sizes. I got the black band because I love black! (duh). The set up is easy as long as you follow the instructions and battery lasts long and does not take too much time to charge.


The thing I love most about the Fuel Band is that is can be updated Via the Nike Fuelband iphone application! So you can see your progress throughout the day. The Fuel Band has to be connected via bluetooth on the iphone. This definitely kept me motivated throughout the day in my journey to be more active and FIT.  And hitting my Goal was def the highlight of my day!


Here the App shows my calories burnt, my steps taken and my daily average. The numbers in the middle are My Nike Fuel points. You are able to manually set your goals, and since I sit at a desk all day, I try my best to be active in the mornings, at lunch and after work. Yesterday however, I was encouraged to do an extra workout just so that I would exceed my personal goal of 3000 Fuel Points. As time goes I am going to continue trying to beat my own goals, and thats the exciting part for me!! (yes, I am my own competition :))


This is a graph explaining my activity, also part of the Fuel Band application. Here you can see that I had certain active spikes during the day, my goal can also be something as simple as focusing on creating more sporadic activity spikes on my chart.


This is an actual picture of when I achieved my set goal on the Fuel Band itself! (can you picture the excitement though!!!) LoL.


All in all,  many folks argue about the ability of the band itself to measure correctly certain activites such as steps, miles, calories etc. Personally I am more concerned about the Goal oriented aspect of the band. It allows me, using its own accuracy, to push myself more and more as time progresses. This is my motivation or how I intend to use my Nike Fuel Band.

I have been using pedometers for years to track my activity. My goal for maintaining or being healthy would always be 10,000 steps. Sadly,  I was not discplined enough to raise the bar. With so many measurements at my disposal in one little gadget on my wrist, I am able to use either the goal of exceeding my fuel points or calories burnt, which may in turn help me exceed my goals of more steps. Works for me! O this nifty little gadget is also a watch!

Enjoy! And always remember that reaching the smallest of goals can help you achieve even bigger ones :)




These are my Erykah Badu Earwings by BabaG!! I’ve been getting so many questions about these earrings, so I decided to do a post on them of course.

These earrings are totally sturdy and comfortable. They are well crafted and can last a very long while if handled with care. They are not heavy and are very unique!! I first came about these earrings like everyone else may have, on the lovely Erykah Badu (love her). And I absolutely had to have them. Fast forward to now, while perusing online I saw them again and the flame of love was reignited! After a tedious search, I was finally able to find them on www.richgirlscloset.com (lovee richgirlscloset tooo!!)




They came quickly and in no time I was getting compliments like crazy. Go get yours!!


*Real Sneakas*

I used to be totally in love with sneakers when I was younger, but as I got older I began to appreciate the yearning for a fresh pair of heels. And so I dropped sneakers for what I thought would be eternity.

These Isabel Marant Sneakers are to die for. They feature a hidden heel and our Queen Bey even Sported a black pair in her Love on Top Video.

However i’d die for this British infused color bomb. Since i’ve always loved the Brits passionately. Lol. I’d sure have a jolly old time wearing these.


While expressing my love for these sneakas to my Dear Bill. He sent me these lovely gold Margiela Mirror Sneaks and I fell in love all over again. It seems like I’m falling back into my good old Sole saving ways. Hmmmm.


Eff a pair of Jordans. Id save these two soles anyday!