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THe Holidays are Here!!! used to be my fave time of the year… but not anymore…le sigh


Went to a holiday party last night (please ignore my sheepish grin), the DJ sucked, which made the entire party suck also…ugh. Dont you just hate when you waste an outfit?!?

I wore some cute Leather pants, and a Peplum shirt with these shoes, sorry I totally forgot to get a full body pic taken.


Hope you guys are enjoying your Holiday Season!!!


Can I get a Refill Again?!?

We all know I’ve def posted about Elle Varner before. But this shoot though?!? In love with this!!! Yassssss Elle!


Can I get. Refill pleaseeee!?!


Elle Varner totally killed this shoot! I’m also wondering who her stylist was because her lips are matching the lips of the person on the print of her skirt! Werkkk!


Her full interview can be seen HERE



I’m on a reading Binge again. Last week my cousin advised me to read A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown.

WOW! I was speechless by the time I was halfway through. When you are going through a rough patch in life and you read about someone else that is younger than you and had it so much more rough than you could ever imagine it makes you appreciate your life even more. A Slice of this Cake was just what I needed at this time. This book had me holding my breath all the way through it, wondering if things could have gotten any worse. It got so bad I was actually begging to get to the part of the book  where things would begin looking up. And when they looked up, let me tell you, they really looked up. I learnt such a valuable lessons reading this book. Ones that I have started to apply to my own life although I have lived the life of a Nubian Queen compared to Cupcake’s…


This Epilogue definitely touched me, and has quickly became a personal mantra.


Along with this prayer that I happened to copy and alter to fit my own situation. I saved it as my screen saver on my phone so that I can read it ever so often.


My Life is a Richly blessed one, although at times this rollercoaster ride can become a rough one, I would not have it any other way. 

My personal Lesson in my own words sums up to knowing and understanding that when you trust fully in God, you cannot fail. you may learn lessons, but failing is never an option.

Def a must read!



XayLi Fit, FuelBand (Week 1)

Whooo!! This feels soo Good!! I promised you guys a journey! So here it is! Working out definitely makes a person more positive and upbeat! I feel sooo good today :). (Yes, totally cheesing while typing)

Wearing the band for the past week definitely increased my mindfulness about being active, therefore mentally ensuring that I made it possible to physically meet my goals everyday (I did take it easy over the weekend though) . It was awesome. I cannot wait to increase my goal amounts. And the entire Nike experience is so motivational. I just love seeing that little green man dance when I accomplish a goal that It makes me want to see him everyday. (Yes, that’s my little Fuel Band Boo) lol.


I’m beginning to have a strange obsession with Goals! (Thanks Nike, this obsession is def welcomed in all other aspects of my life ;) )

But, I’m totally in love with this band, I can’t say it enough. I mean the fact that you can even shower with it?!? Lol. Works for me. (Yes I’m a show girl in the shower. Xayonce if you please. :) )
I Just love the fact that the calculations of energy (Nike fuel) never stops, unless the band is removed, And the fact that I can sync it to my iPhone (yes Lord). How much more motivation can a girl ask for?!? Right?!?

Fit Xay :)

Lessons Learnt

Yes, ever so often I do in fact have feelings and have the need to express them. What better place to do that than on the website the that I happen to own. So here goes….


I am currently reading THE 50th Law by 50Cent and Robert Greene (prescribed by Gold and It def Glitters), so this just basically confirms the mood that I am in lately. I need to get more done, I need to forget my fears (yes I have those too), I have so many late goals that I have yet to achieve (I am thankful for those I have been able to achieve though). Basically I need to get on my shitttt!

Everything in this book comes back to being FEARLESS.

I respect the notion of understanding and embracing reality before progressing, which is something that my Father always instilled in me. He always taught me that a person should never dwell on a mistake, but should immediately start figuring out ways to fix the mistake. (Yes, My father is a great man, I live to make him proud).

I was a bit skeptical about The 48 laws of power as I didn’t agree with the excess use of deception to get ahead, however this version (50th Law) has situations that I can understand and relate to a bit better.

Each Chapter is based on these Summaries.

1. Intense Realism – A very candid look at the value of seeing things as they are
2. Self Reliance – A look at making everything your own and controlling yourself and your surroundings
3. Opportunism – Finding the value in negative situations and making the best of ever situation while turning it to your advantage
4. Keep moving – Move with the chaos, don’t give others a chance to pin you down, change your appearance to fit the environment
5. Aggression – Get over your fears of confronting people
6. Authority – The person at the top sets the tone
7. Connection – Think of the public first and their changing needs. Begin with their demand and create the appropriate supply.
8. Mastery – Learn to master boredom, outlast your rivals, learn early to endure the hours of practice and drudgery to build a proper foundation to grow from
9. Self Belief – Push beyond your limits. Your sense of who you are will determine your actions and what you get in life.
10. The Sublime – Confront your mortality

(taken from Amazon Review)

Anywhoo, Limitation of any existing fear and Belief in God and one’s self and The world is definitely your Oyster! (in a nutshell)


Def approved a good read though!

We’ve got things to do!

Be a better You!

Xove Xay!

How to do Brows ByXayLi

Everyone has been asking for the longest time for a brow Tutorial. I will do a YouTube Tutorial. But I have provided a breakdown of what I do to my own brows on a daily basis. Hope u guys enjoy!!

P.S. This is not what I necessarily do on a client. My hair is really black, so brown brows do not compliment my face. This is the reason I use eyeliner for my brows and not brow powder.

Product Line Up:
I usually use


1. Black Radiance continuous creme eyeliner (yes I absolutely loooooove their products) a gel eyeliner can also be used for this. :)
2. Black Radiance Clear Mascara for setting brows
3. NYX concealer in your specific color
4. 2 angled Eyeliner brushes (Mac brush trumps here)
5. A spoolie for blending :)

Products Can be bought at your local beauty supply or Pharmacy.

This is just my way of doing it. Everyone does it differently. So bear with me.

1. I begin by putting on my foundation, concealer and powder for setting. I do my eyebrows last most of the time.


Using an angled eyeliner brush I gently stroke the product (black radiance gel liner) into the hairs, forming the desired shape of my brow.



2. After I form the first half, I then focus on the tail of the brow. Also ensuring that I have angled the arch of the brow in line with the Cornea of the eye, (place any thin brush in a slanted position against your eye, and place your highest point directly where the brush lines up with your cornea). The tail of the brow (where the brow ends) should also be measured with your brush and should not go lower than your cornea also.


3. This is where t take the Spoolie Tool (like a rounded eyebrow brush) and I blend out where the brow begins, so that there is a blended gradient fro the skin into the eyebrows. This step ensures that your brows just do not start abruptly on the face. It eliminates the harsh lines that were first created.


4. Keep blending! The spoolie also ensures that the hairs are all falling into place. It removes clumps of product that may have accumulated throughout the process.

This is also where you do a brow check! This ensures that everything is lining up nicely, and that both brows are somewhat even.


5. This is where I get another angled brush (you should not use the same one as before because of the black residue remaining on the brush) and I get some concealer to remove mistakes I may have made and create an even more even, clean, illusion of the eyebrow.

(Please excuse my lighting and camera in the following photo. My eyebrows were even but being that I was do close to the light it looks somewhat uneven in this photo)

Another brow check,


And were ready to go!!

Don’t try this at home guys! :)

Lol! Just kidding!! Please let me know how your own brow experience goes!!

Thank you for your patience with this post. Hope u enjoyed it.